Maud McCallister had always loved quiet Ayrshire Village with its plump, crooked overlooking cliffs. It was a place where she felt sparkly. It was where she felt most needed. She was a special, egoistic, brandy drinker with scrawny hands and fragile arms, but she had a special place in her heart for nature. She mostly kept to herself. If she had any friends they would say she was a klutzy recluse, but her love for animals was the greatest in the entire village. Once, after a hurricane hit Ayrshire, she spent a month nurturing injured and homeless animals back to health. That was the kind of woman she was.


Maud walked over to the window of her two story house and reflected on her damp surroundings. The rain drizzled like ravens on shored fish while she contemplated life.


Then she saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Roger Gobble. Roger was a handsome and hilarious vicar with large arms on a muscular frame. Roger might be the only person in the world that Maud did not utterly despise. In fact whenever she saw him, her heart would begin racing as she imagined fanciful stories of her taking off his Cleric Collar using only her teeth and revealing his abs.


Maud was certainly not prepared for Roger walking up to her house.


As Maud stepped outside and Roger came closer, she could see the adorable smile on his face.


"I am here because I want you to stop this murderous adventure," Roger bellowed, in an understanding tone. “Release Grace and the others”


“Never”, hackled Maud, “Grace’s soul is mine!”


 Roger slammed his fist against Maud's chest. "I frigging love you, Maud McCallister! How could you do this?"


Maud stumbling looked back, even more worried and fingering a warped amulet. "Roger, I will destroy you," she replied.


They looked at each other with angry feelings, like two shrill, spewmungous snakes gazing in a death stare, each ready to strike with the force of 3062 owls.


Suddenly, Roger pulled out a dagger and lunged forward and tried to cut Maud’s throat. Quickly, Maud dodged the attack, grabbed the warped amulet and brought it down on Roger's skull. There was a bright light followed by a thunderous crash and for a couple of seconds the rain stopped.


Roger's large arms trembled and his muscular frame wobbled. He looked unstable, his body raw and bewildered.


Then he let out an agonizing groan and collapsed into the mud. Moments later Roger Gobble was dead. A small wisp of white fog left Roger’s body and was absorbed by the amulet.


As Maud’s amulet absorbed the wisp, it began to change from a warped and dingy scrap of metal to a gloriously gilded and jeweled talisman.


Maud then casted an incantation and Roger’s limp body began to glow. It then began to change into frog like skeleton and sprung back to life. “Come Roger” beckoned Maud. The frog like creature then began following Maud.


Maud McCallister went back inside and made herself a nice glass of brandy and walked over to the window and reflected on her damp surroundings.

The Witch Trials of Ayrshire Village

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